SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 2018,the USA Clay Target League National Championship has proven to be a huge success, with nearly 3,000 of the nation’s best clay target athletes participating each year, cheered on by thousands of coaches, parents, and spectators. It is truly a unique event, and the competitive school spirit and friendly camaraderie provide an experience like no other.

The League’s goal is to maintain that positive experience for students and teams, and care is taken to listen to the feedback provided by the awesome coaches and parents that dedicate themselves to providing these opportunities for their athletes.

Last year, after the 2022 National Championship, the League sent out a survey to get feedback from coaches that attended the event. One of the key takeaways was concern that the cumulative scoring system currently being used was not providing an engaging Championship experience. A majority of coaches felt that qualifying for the Championship Round at Nationals should mean that there would be an opportunity for the qualifying teams and athletes to win.

However, the use of cumulative scoring meant that many of those qualifying could not reach the Championship podium even with a perfect score. This year, the League has changed the rules. Cumulative scoring has been removed, and the 400 athletes and 80 teams that qualify for the Championship Rounds will now all be starting from zero.

Every athlete that shoots on Sunday will go up to the line knowing that they or their team has a chance to win it all, and everyone watching will be on the edge of their seat.

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