MTA Homegrounds – Mason, MI

Located in Mason, Michigan in the heart of the beautiful Great Lakes State, the MTA Homegrounds are easily accessible on a major highway, with restaurants, motels, airports, stores, and a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities nearby. The facility includes 44 trap fields, over 150 campsites, and acres of gorgeous Michigan landscape.

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MTA Homegrounds – 1534 Service Rd., Mason, MI 48854

Club Rules and Information:

Parking and Camping

 Know which trap you are using before arriving and follow signs to the designated parking lot where an attendant will help you park.

No parking in the Campgrounds.  Roads in the campground will be one way westbound (inbound) from about 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM each morning.  Shower rooms will be locked at about 7:00 AM each morning until after the shooting hours.

No parking just South of the sidewalk near the trapline.

Tents and shelters may be placed South of the sidewalk.  Placement must be made between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  There is no unloading of such equipment on the mornings of the shoot.

Handicap parking will be labeled with signs.

Quiet time is 10:00PM until 6:00AM. This is strictly enforced.

  • Golf Carts
    • All cart operators MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.
    • Personal golf carts must be registered with the MTA.  Please print the form from the MTA website, fill it out and bring it to the MTA office with the fee and the required proof of insurance.
  •  Shot and Shell Restrictions
    • No shotguns with a chamber larger than 12 gauge are permitted.  Guns with chambers smaller than 12 gauge (16 gauge, 20 gauge, etc.) are allowed.
    • The maximum shot size allowed is Number 7.5.  Shot smaller than Number 7.5 (Number 8, Number 8.5, etc.) is allowed.
    • No loads with velocities greater than 1290 Feet Per Second (FPS) with a maximum shot charge weight of 1 1/8 ounces, or 1325 FPS with a maximum shot charge weight of 1 ounce, or 1350 FPS with a maximum shot charge weight of 7/8 ounces or less can be used.  These speeds and shot charge weights are maximum, no individual shell can exceed these values.
    • Loads containing nickel, copper, or zinc coated or plated shot are not allowed.  Tracer loads are not allowed.
  •  At the Trapline
    • Shooters and Range personnel ONLY North of the sidewalk.
    • Tables will be placed between the 27- and 25-yard line for the second box of shells and water for the shooters.
    •  Shooters may not leave the trap field between the first and second box of shells.
    •  Shooters should check their scores after each 25.  Once a shooter leaves the field, the shooter’s score is final and scoring errors cannot be corrected.
    •  Upon completion of each session (50 shots), shooters should pick up their hulls.  Hulls are to be placed in the White Flier target boxes.
    •  Empty shell boxes are to be placed in the “Cardboard Only” buckets.

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