Dry, wet, hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, foggy, raining… plan on it all.

Championship weather can experience perfect conditions like sunny, warm and light winds, to very challenging conditions with downpours, cold and high winds. In either of these conditions or somewhere in between, the Championship will proceed as planned. Therefore you should plan on the same.

The Championship’s general weather policy is that unless there is an immediate threat of severe weather coming or lightning is present, the Championship will go on as scheduled. You need to be prepared to participate in the rain and to both protect and keep dry and clean yourself and your equipment as much as possible. Determine the weather conditions that are present and forecast for during your day at the shooting park and bring umbrellas, tents, and dry towels to help you manage the possibility of inclement weather.

Shooting in bad weather poses some other challenges that you don’t encounter in good weather including handling a wet firearm safely and additional clothing to keep you dry and warm. Make sure in all cases, that you practice safety first. Please view rules for suspension or cancellation of any events during the event due to inclement weather.

Click here for current conditions and forecasts for the area.



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